The N Word: Funny?

I studied African American Philosophy (among a multitude of subjects) in graduate school, so I could launch into a treatise on the modern usage of the “N-word” and why it should not be used, but since this is the Colonial Footsoldier and not a journal of philosophy or social sciences I’m not going there. Instead, I’m just going to showcase how the N word has comically appeared in society in recent year.

First “N*gga Please” cereal, a claaassic:

A really awkward turn at the National Spelling Bee:

From the mind of Dave Chappelle–the N*ggar Family:

Another golden sketch from Dave Chappelle–possibly my favorite punchline EVER:


Well, that’s all for now. Surely if we can laugh at a problem like racist rhetoric then we can make steps toward making it better, right? ::crickets:: Right. Anyway, stay tuned and take it sleazy.

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