Are You Eating Butter?

I remember a television commercial that aired when I was in high school in which a teenager was caught by his dad eating a stick of butter in front of an open refrigerator.  The dad delivers the best line possible, “Are you eating butter?”  After searching high and low, I cannot find the commercial online (but have been able to confirm here and here that I did not imagine it).  Anyway, I’ve got butter on the brain.  ENJOY!

A literal butter-fly:

Too lazy to slice your own butter?  Have I got the product for you!

Don’t blame that weird kid in kindergarten who eats glue–his parents use this:

Rose Nylund wasn’t really exaggerating; every year Minnesota crowns a Dairy Princess who then sits to have a sculpture made in her likeness . . . FROM BUTTER:

And if that’s not enough of a prize, the actual title for the Dairy Princess is Princess Kay of the Milky Way:

AND!  It gets better.  A few years ago when Fred Thompson (of Law and Order fame) was running for some political office or other, he decided it would be a good idea to visit the Minnesota State Fair.  Here he is watching the Dairy Princess (Kay of the Milky Way) being sculpted:

There you go folks.  You just can’t get more buttery goodness than that!  Stay tuned and take it sleazy.

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  1. Luann says:

    I’m pretty sure it was a Meijer commercial. I remember it as one of my favorites, have you found it? I have looked too. Let me know if you come across it and I will do the same. Thanls

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