What Went Wrong? (Young Me/Now Me)

Graham Norton did it again. He pointed out a website that I had not seen and that I now think is too funny for words. This time it’s Young Me/Now Me. The basic concept, which you will undoubtedly notice from the pictures, is that a photo taken of someone when young is then recreated at an older age. For example, you know the cliche photo of a naked baby on a bearskin rug? Yeah. That’s just not cute when you’re 45, hairy, and overweight. Get ready for the funny.

This guy is emo–from the cradle to the grave:

Weird all around, but . . . get a load of the cat on the right!

To Catch a Predator?

Let’s play “Find the Serial Killer.”

Merv the Perv?

And my personal favorite, get ’em started early I say!

Check out Young Me/Now Me for more. There’s a ton more of the creepiness, I mean hilariousness. Click often, laugh often. Stay tuned and take it sleazy!

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