If you feel the urgent need to contact me, especially if you have a money-paying job offer (please!), you may do so at this address:

colfootsoldier [at] gmail [dot] com

Generally, I don’t expect the content of my blog to generate vehement sentiment one way or the other.  However, if you are seething angry about something and want me to know I implore you, PLEASE, wait 24 hours.  Then, e-mail me if you still have an important message to convey.

On another note, if you were to have a job offer for me that doesn’t involve working from home on eBay (or the like), then please be advised that I am available!  I love writing and do as much of it as possible.  Writing comedy is my dream.  So, if you’re the person to make my dreams come true, then, by all means, please do!

If you have an overwhelming urge to kill my dream then you should know I’m not unrealistic, have a thick skin, sharp tongue, and don’t actually care what you have to say (unless you are in a position to offer me said dream job).  So there is no need to write saying, “You’re not funny so hurry up and die.”

Anyway, thanks for reading and take it sleazy!

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